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With so many details in planning a retreat, food service should be something that just falls into place.  We strive to provide meals that will energize the body and atmosphere that fosters fellowship. 

At all of our sites we strive for quality, whether in the form of prepared meals by professional staff or facilities to meet your needs in meal preparation.  Food service is fully customizable and we’ll work with you ahead of time to ensure that your needs are met. 

We have experience and the resources necessary to accomodate gluten free, allergies, food sensitivities, diabetic needs, and much more.  Let us know your needs and we will make memorable, delicious meals for you.


Partnership with Aramark

Lutheridge Conference Center enjoys a partnership with Aramark to ensure that your meals are delicious and nutritious. Aramark provides Lutheridge with a professionally trained chef who is attentive to detail, quality, and guest satisfaction. All servers are also provided and trained by Aramark. We are able to accommodate special dietary needs such as diabetics, vegetarians, vegans, and food allergies. We are also proud to serve Fair Trade Coffee in our dining room and at our coffee stations.

Special Catering Needs

There is nothing our chef likes more then special occasions to show off his gifts and talents. Boards, associations, weddings, and Christmas parties are the most frequent events where our chef creates truly amazing delicacies. Or your group can work with our chef to customize a special menu.

Sample Menus:


If you are looking for a mid-morning bagel and coffee break or a fancy shrimp and caviar evening reception, Lutheridge can handle your request. Sample menus are available. Or you can custom design your special snack.

A Word About Alcoholic Beverages

Lutheridge does not provide or serve alcoholic beverages. You are welcome to bring your own. You are required to drink in moderation and keep yourselves isolated from other groups on the property during and after consuming alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed in the presence of children or youth under the age of 21. We also ask that you dispose of containers in their appropriate receptacles. Lutheridge does recycle, so please be sure to put cans and glass in the recycling bins. Thank you for your cooperation in this policy.


Meal service is offered at Lutherock upon request, and kitchens are available as well in all lodging and meeting spaces except for the Cabin Village and the Platform Tents.

Luther Springs

Luther Springs provides all guest groups with meal service.  Our dining services staff can accommodate special diets and needs and is open to working with you to plan menus to make your stay as perfect as possible.


Meal service is not yet available at Lutheranch but a full kitchen is available for guest use in the Holy Trinity House.


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