Sydney Sides

 You have a chance to be part of what I am confident will be a life-changing summer for me.  I have the privilege of being selected to serve on the summer staff at Lutherock near Boone, North Carolina.  My summer will be spent witnessing my faith to over 700 children and youth who come to camp to grow in their faith and have fun in a very special intentional Christian Community.

 I have been on staff for 3 years.  I get to experience camp from a new perspective this summer and I'm excited to serve camp as senior staff.  I just love camp.  It's easy to feel God in this place.


How have you seen God at work so far this summer? Being an Area Director this summer has been a new experience for me. I wasn't sure how not being a counselor was going to work out for me. The past two summers I thrived off of the relationships built between me and my campers and I was afraid that upon taking this new position I would miss the intimacy and miss the crazy fun that comes with being a counselor. Looking at camp from the bird's eye view of an entire area has given me new perspective, a new perch, from which to see camp life and the Spirit at work. I get to see the triumphs, challenges, the laughs and heartaches of many small groups, not just the small group of my own cabin. Being a support for the counselors feels very different than being a direct support to campers, but I have felt God at work in my summer. I have felt him at work as I make decisions with counselors. I have felt him at work in my conversations with pastors. I have felt him at work at I watch the counselors give and continue to give even more of themselves than they thought possible. I feel him at work through me when I feel myself giving in the same way. I feel him in prayer and I feel him in tough situations when I catch myself trusting in something bigger than my own capability.


I look forward to the rest of the summer for the new opportunities for my faith to grow and for me to share that journey with others.


How has this summer experience impacted your life? I have learned to trust God more than myself. This summer showed me challenges are not necessarily stressors but rather opportunities to grow in faith.

To provide Sydney with salary, room, board, and training, it costs over $2555 for the summer. We know this is worth it as it is the summer staff that have the greatest impact on the campers. We are inviting you to invest in their training. By investing in them, we will send you updates and post updates on this webpage about the ministry they are involved in and how it is impacting their life. Your investment in them frees other funds to provide scholarships and improve the program equipment and facilities.The cost of $2,555 breaks down as follows:

  • $555 provides for 1 counselor's training ($47,175 total cost)
  • $2000 provides for 1 counselor's salary