Paige Beiler

 You have a chance to be part of what I am confident will be a life-changing summer for me.  I have the privilege of being selected to serve on the summer staff at Luther Springs near Gainesville, Florida.  My summer will be spent witnessing my faith to hundreds of children and youth who come to camp to grow in their faith and have fun in a very special intentional Christian Community.

This is my first summer on staff.  After being a camper for years, I cannot wait to impact the kids in the ways my counselors impacted me.  I love the bonds of friendship camp always seems to form and love all my fellow counselors.  I also look forward to showing God's love through my words and actions and put Him as my focus.


How have you see God at work so far this summer? For me, I know that since I will be attending college this coming fall, it would become ever more pressing that I take control of my own faith. I will no longer go to church with my parents, but rather go entirely by choice. I know that for me, when I am allowing God to do His work and I take a step back, my life is so much better than when I attempt to do everything on my own. This summer I could have stayed home, relaxed, and spent time with my dear friends before we all headed off to college. But I knew that God had bigger plans for me, and I took the challenge of coming to camp for the summer and sharing His love. I cannot believe how easy it is to see God at work. Hearing the sound of a little kid laughing while playing a game, watching kids sing songs with a smile on their face, listening to the answers given in Bible study, from the hilarious to insightful- these are the moments I know God is ever present and still changing the world. I have loved getting to witness firsthand God arriving at camps and giving counselors the ability to teach His word. God has given me the strength to wake up each morning, even when I'm tired, and show who He is to each week of campers I encounter. I have loved every week , and cannot imagine spending a better summer.

To provide Paige with salary, room, board, and training, it costs over $2555 for the summer. We know this is worth it as it is the summer staff that have the greatest impact on the campers. We are inviting you to invest in their training. By investing in them, we will send you updates and post updates on this webpage about the ministry they are involved in and how it is impacting their life. Your investment in them frees other funds to provide scholarships and improve the program equipment and facilities.The cost of $2,555 breaks down as follows:

  • $555 provides for 1 counselor's training ($47,175 total cost)
  • $2000 provides for 1 counselor's salary