Leah Colbath

 You have a chance to be part of what I am confident will be a life-changing summer for me.  I have the privilege of being selected to serve on the summer staff at Lutherock near Boone, North Carolina.  My summer will be spent witnessing my faith to over 700 children and youth who come to camp to grow in their faith and have fun in a very special intentional Christian Community.

 This is my first summer on staff.  I am excited to be on staff this summer becuase i was a camper as a child and I want to give back to the camp community that which I received.


How have you seen God at work so far this summer? God has shown his presence to me this summer through the fellowship of our wonderful staff. We have such a strong, dedicated and well-bound community. To have a family of 20 some people who all share similar values and ideas on faith and who all care for each other is a true display of God’s work and blessing.


How has this summer experience impacted your life? I came to camp knowing it would be a powerful summer but it has exceeded my expectation. I have grown so much as an individual. I have learned patience. I have learned how to work with a team. I have grown immensely in my faith. I have made friends that will last for a long time. This summer has made me be more comfortable with being myself. I am forever changed because of this summer, my co-workers, my campers, and God.

To provide Leah with salary, room, board, and training, it costs over $2555 for the summer. We know this is worth it as it is the summer staff that have the greatest impact on the campers. We are inviting you to invest in their training. By investing in them, we will send you updates and post updates on this webpage about the ministry they are involved in and how it is impacting their life. Your investment in them frees other funds to provide scholarships and improve the program equipment and facilities.The cost of $2,555 breaks down as follows:

  • $555 provides for 1 counselor's training ($47,175 total cost)
  • $2000 provides for 1 counselor's salary