Kyle Bates

 You have a chance to be part of what I am confident will be a life-changing summer for me.  I have the privilege of being selected to serve on the summer staff at Lutheridge near AHeville, North Carolina.  My summer will be spent witnessing my faith to over 2,000 children and youth who come to camp to grow in their faith and have fun in a very special intentional Christian Community.

 Kyle is on the Guest Services and Marketing teams at NovusWay.  He has been on senior staff for two years.  He is excited to be on staff this summer to soak in Lutheridge for another few months before beginning Seminary in the fall!

To provide Kyle with salary, room, board, and training, it costs over $______ for the summer. We know this is worth it as it is the summer staff that have the greatest impact on the campers. We are inviting you to invest in their training. By investing in them, we will send you updates and post updates on this webpage about the ministry they are involved in and how it is impacting their life. Your investment in them frees other funds to provide scholarships and improve the program equipment and facilities. To fully fund Kyle salary and training, the following gifts are needed:

  • 1 gift of $1,000
  • 2 gifts of $500
  • 6 gifts of $250
  • 10 gifts of $100
  • 10 gifts of $50

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Probably some of my greatest joy has been seeing faith in my children’s lives take root because of see them as counselors, to see their leadership, to see them leading devotions, leading campfires, dealing with homesick children, helping others know the love of Christ.  I can’t tell you what a joy it’s been to Cindy and I to see that kind of faith development in our children.

-- Herman Yoos, Bishop of the South Carolina Synod