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Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs, and Lutheranch all started with an emphasis on summer camp for youth.  Faith formation and leadership development of youth are the primary reasons youth programs are still so vital and are thriving.  There are many reasons that camp-based programs are so important, but the mentoring of youth in small groups by college-aged counselors is certainly the most important.  Providing this mentoring in a safe environment surrounded by unique adventure opportunities that often happen in God’s creation adds to the formula for passing on faith and developing leaders.  Through a day camp program, we can even bring the program to your church. 

Scholarships are available to assure that camp is available to everyone. You can find the Nonsummer Scholarship Application here!

Opportunities for Youth to Get Inspired at Lutheridge




Four weekends - SEVEN retreats. Two separate retreats each weekend - except November. Our unique curriculum uses experiential learning to leave lasting lessons. Lutheridge staff provide supervision for campers, staying in cabins with them and sharing their faithful witness. Campers can come alone or with a group. Lessons are geared to middle school, but 5th grade through high school youth are welcome to attend (Campers will be placed in cabin groups with those close to their own age). Adult leaders are welcome and encouraged to participate, but not required to attend. Each camper creates a “witness” to share what they have learned with those back home. Pastors Tim and Mary Canniff-Kuhn provide program design and oversight, with involvement from other leaders. Adult Leaders for Faith Alive! are welcome to register and participate in ALL program sessions. Cost for an adult who is a FULL participant (must select a retreat) is $97 per adult. Limited adult housing is available on some weekends (register early). Adults may also register as a full participant, but stay off-site for $45 per adult. Adults who drop off campers and wish to stay on camp, but not participate in the program may arrange meals and housing, if available, at regular rates by contacting our offices.

Download the Registration Form and the Lutheridge On-Site Packet here!


2017-2018 Schedule


Lord's Prayer and Apostles Creed > September 22-24, 2017

Lord's PrayerYouth will pray each part of the Lord's Prayer in fun, creative ways which engage brain and heart and make this familiar prayer take on a new meaning

Apostles CreedLearn the importance of saying "I belive" and meet each person of the trinity in new ways - up close and personal.


 Register by August 22, 2017Register after August 22, 2017
Lord's Prayer $154.00 per youth $184.00 per youth
Apostles Creed $154.00 per youth $184.00 per youth


New Testament Overview > November 3-5, 2017

New Testament Overview: Discover how the New Testament Came to be, experience the central stories of Jesus and the early church and explore how Lutherans understand the New Testament as the WORD of God.

Register by October 10, 2017Register after October 10, 2017
$154.00 per youth $184.00 per youth


Holy Baptism and Holy Communion > February 2-4, 2018

Holy BaptismThis retreat teaches the importance of sacrament in Lutheran worship. Youth will experience baptism as the sacrament of belonging. We are God’s forever!

Holy CommunionThe sacrament of Communion takes on deeper meaning as the meal of forgiveness, nourishment and community, central to Lutheran worship.

 Register by January 2, 2018Register after January 2, 2018
Holy Baptism $154.00 per youth $184.00 per youth
Holy Communion $154.00 per youth $184.00 per youth



10 Commandments and Reformation > April 20-22, 2018

10 CommandmentsYouth LEARN the Ten Commandments using pictures and stories that make their meaning relevant RIGHT NOW in an adolescent’s life.

ReformationLuther’s life and reformation principles inspire youth to continue the reforming tradition by asking questions and keeping faith alive today!

 Register by March 20, 2018Register after March 20, 2018
Reformation $154.00 per youth $184.00 per youth
10 Commandments $154.00 per youth $184.00 per youth