Summer Camp > Day Camp through Lutheridge or Luther Springs

LUTHEROAD through Lutheridge    

Day Camp is a five-day program where many of the benefits of camp at Lutheridge come right to the local church. The program includes fun, worship, games, Bible study, fellowship, crafts, sharing and prayer. Day Camp is geared to youth that have completed kindergarten through fifth grade, but can include preschool and/or older youth when special arrangements are made to do so. A minimum of 24 youth are needed for day camp to be successful.

Day Camp is staffed by counselors from Lutheridge. They work in close consultation with a steering committee and volunteers from the local church. This design introduces the Christian camping experience to children without them having to stay overnight away from home.

Day Camp is a unique blend of outdoor ministry and congregational ministry. The camp staff bring their enthusiasm, curriculum, schedule and leadership abilities, and they serve as positive Christian role models. Local volunteers bring their gifts and knowledge of the local church needs and community resources.

Please contact Lori Bode (828-209-6304 or by email) to check for open dates for your church or with any questions.

Download our Lutheroad Day Camp Informational Packet here as well as the Lutheroad Day Camp Manual.


DAY CAMP through Luther Springs    

This exciting camp opportunity brings our fantastic summer camp staff to your congregation for the week. Day Camps take place all across the state from mid-June to early-August. Our staff provides the program leadership and a wealth of creative ideas to create an incredible camp experience Monday – Friday. Daily fun activities includes creative Bible lessons, meaningful devotions, crazy games, lots of singing, fun arts and crafts, and getting to know Jesus in a more personal way. Local congregations provide overnight housing for our summer staff, food for Day Campers, some additional craft supplies and auxiliary staff. For information on day camps, or if your congregation would like to host a Day Camp this summer, contact the Luther Springs Program Office (727-415-9887 or by email).

Print the Day Camp Registration FormLuther Springs Day Camp Manual, and the Day Camp Information Packet.

 Summer Curriculum: The Water of Life can be found here!