Adults, youth, children, and families need time away at a camp or programmed retreat now more than ever!  Our programs complement things happening in our local churches and are able to help people grow in faith and enhance their leadership skills in a more significant way through extended time away and focus.  It is also through community formed by many diverse backgrounds that we are able to see that God is active and alive in the world.  Goals for each program vary, but you can count on the following in most:

Connections - with God, family, and Christian friends.  You will likely also better connect with yourself and who you are as God’s child.

Growth - Whether the focus is growing in your understanding of how God is present in your life, or growth in a skill (like learning to play handbells), you can expect to grow in your time away.

Rest - Our sites are located on unique pieces of land, away from the busyness of life.  Programs will draw you into Sabbath rest.

Adventure - Youth certainly have adventures while rock-climbing, caving, and hiking in the woods.  Adults find adventure in similar ways as well as the adventure of being in unique community where they try something new, perhaps even pottery!

Leadership - We develop leaders for the church.  Most pastors mention camp as vital to their call to ministry.  Our summer staff go on to serve the church on staff and in other ways, confirmation students go back to their congregations with projects to lead, high school youth learn leadership skills while engaging in their adventures, choirs learn to better lead congregational song.  In many and various ways, our programs bring out leadership skills in participants that serve throughout life.

Inspiration - you will “get inspired” by God’s work through the leaders of your program as well as the people you meet on your journey here.