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The Final Step

The Dream began in 2002 when the NovusWay board (then Lutheridge+Lutherock Ministries, Inc.) gathered a Pastors' Advisory Cabinet to lay the groundwork for acquiring an outdoor ministry site within the Southeastern Synod. In 2007, a huge step towrd realizing this goal was taken with the acquisition of the 519-acre property near Tallapoosa, GA.

In 2010, planning began for the development and construction of a multipurpose retreat and conference center to be the first new facility at Lutheranch. Architectural and engineering design and the development of infrastructure to support the facility proceeded and, at long last, have now been completed.

Thanks to the generous contributions of thousands of donors from across the Southeastern Synod and beyond, more than $7.5 million in gifts have been received towrd this entire effort.

In addition, more than $1.4 million in NovusWay funds have been added to the funding for Lutheranch. These have been made available as a result of the sale of land and granted easements on other NovusWay properties. These resources have provided for the purchase of the property, architectural and engineering and infrastructure costs. Annual gifts have funded staff to ensure the property is protected and well cared for and provide hospitality for retreat groups, special events and summer programs for children and youth.

Goal $1 Million

Final design concepts have been completed, site preparation and utilities installation for the new multi-purpose Lutheranch retreat and conference center are now underway. The final step before construction can begin is to raise $1 million in new gifts and pledges to complete the dream.

Because of the time elapsed and increased construction costs since initial cost estimates were secured five years ago, the "Complete the Dream" campaign is crucial for construction to begin in 2016. In addition, enhancements and an expanded floor plan have resulted in some additional cost. The result will be exceptional!

Accommodations for adults, families and youth will be comfortable, accessible, durable and welcoming for all. As designed and once completed this new building will provide sleeping, dining and meeting space for multiple groups and programs at the same time.

The building will provide sleeping capacity for 80 or more with in-room toilet and shower, multiple small and large group meeting spaces and a "great roo" that will serve 100 for dining, meeting or worship.

Naming and Memorial Opportunities

Many of the naming and memorial opportunities have already been claimed by donors to this project but many remain for individuals, families, congregations and foundations. The list below includes all opportunities and denotes those that have already been selected and claimed.

Those who have made earlier contributions to either/both the "Challenge" and "Standing on the Promise" campaigns may with another contribution to this final effort, "Complete the Dream," combine previous campaign gifts and name/memorialize one of those unclaimed presented below


Retreat Center Projects:

  • Lounge (1 available)- $50,000
  • Kitchen Furnishings (1 available)- $50,000
  • Guest Rooms (14 Available)- $30,000
  • Guest Room Furnishings (28 available)- $15,000

Other Lutheranch Property Projects:

  • Kingfisher Lake (1 available)- $250,000
  • Land Features (3 available)- $15,000








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