Where is God in all this?


“Where is God in all this?” That was the question asked repeatedly and the theme of the Mountaintop Family Advent retreat at Lutherock, one of NovusWay’s four sites perched near the top of Sugar Mountain in Newland, North Carolina. Six-year-old Belle Bolick’s answer to this question was plain and simple, “I saw it in everybody there and the trees and the nature.” She saw God in every participant, in worship and devotions, in every retreat leader, and in the beauty of the surrounding mountain terrain of Lutherock. We, as humans, are often guilty of overlooking the presence of God in ordinary places, but not Belle; she, in a weekend, was able to experience God’s love in each and every person at the retreat.

The Bolick family; Arty, Cheryl, and daughters Ellie, Virginia, and Belle; of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, attended Family Camp at Lutheridge in summer 2015, and they were encouraged by Pastor (and retreat leader) Will Rose to attend Mountaintop Family Advent at Lutherock as well. Because of that encouragement, they were able to experience more of the priceless family time that they enjoyed at Lutheridge…just at Lutherock instead! Belle loved meeting new people and exploring nature. Ellie (age 11) and Virginia (age 9) were glad to discover that there was a place for everyone, “There was stuff for all ages!” “Even if the activity was for younger kids, the older kids could help out!” Parents, Arty and Cheryl both enjoyed the variety of indoor and outdoor activities as well as the good balance of structured and unstructured time!

During their time at Lutherock, the Bolick family, as well as the other families in attendance, were reminded daily to seek God everyday and sense the Holy Spirit’s extraordinary presence in ordinary places during the Advent season… and all year round! So “Where is God in all this?” If you ask the Bolick family, they would tell you that the handiwork of God is in the trees, the love of God is in each and every person, and God’s perfect will is in every second you spend with those you love most, no matter when or where!

            If you and your family are interested in more family opportunities through NovusWay, visit www.novusway.com/our-programs/family and see each site’s entire list of family events and programs! The 2016 schedule includes opportunities for grandparents, family, and many others!