Richard's Story- He Still Talks About Camp


Summer Camp 2015

 “He still talks about camp and he can’t wait to come back!”


In summer 2014 over 550 youth received financial assistance to attend camp at Lutheridge, Lutherock and Luther Springs thanks to over $120,000 contributed by friends of NovusWay.  Recipients of scholarships included children of the unemployed and underemployed, children whose parents are in prison, children of recent immigrant families, Summershine (developmentally delayed) campers, children from the Rez House in Dade City, Florida and ethnic minorities who are new to Lutheran camping.

Richard was a Summershine camper who received a scholarship this past summer and he is registered to return to Lutheridge in summer 2015 thanks to another scholarship.  Richard’s story is remarkable.  As an infant he received the wrong medication and his heart stopped beating.  The doctors were able to revive him, but he was on life support for 10 months.  When he woke up, he was nearly blind and deaf and he couldn’t walk.  Richard went to Thom’s Rehabilitation in Asheville where he learned to walk.  A hearing aid also helped him.  His eyesight was restored by surgery and he can see pretty well with glasses.

Unfortunately through these struggles, Richard’s mother succumbed to drugs, did time in prison and his dad abandoned Richard and left with a girlfriend.  Richard hasn’t seen his father for 25 years.  Sheila, Richard’s aunt, stepped in to care for Richard the best she could.  Sheila helped Richard to enter a group home with peers.  He rides a bus daily and works weekly at J & S Cafeteria and also attends a technical school.  She exclaimed, “Richard is a joy to so many people and we call him our miracle child!  I wish I could do more for him, which is why I am so happy for the scholarship that enabled him to attend Lutheridge.  Words cannot express how much we appreciate the donors who made scholarships possible for Richard!”

Sheila went on to remark about Richard’s camp experience, “Lutheridge was the first time he’s ever been to camp. He loved his cabin, his counselor and new friends.  He even gets letters from Patrick, his counselor.  He still talks about camp and he can’t wait to come back.”

Nearly $120,000 was contributed by donors to provide scholarships to Richard and 550 other youth last summer.  These gifts are a great investment in the lives of all ages, like with Richard.  Plans are being made to again serve every young person who needs financial assistance to attend camp in 2015.

Not every story will be as dramatic as Richard’s, but we fully expect God to use our camps to touch and change the life of every youth (and adult) who shares in the Christ-centered camp communities at Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs and Lutheranch.  


There is still time to register for summer camp!  Go to www.NovusWay.comor directly to each camp’s website,, www.LutherSprings.comor   For additional information call 828-209-6329.