New Pool


The long awaited swimming pool at Lutheridge was dedicated on May 2, 2015 and is ready to serve campers for summer camp 2015 and beyond.  Nearly 150 people journeyed up the mountain to Lutheridge for the dedication of the pool that was funded by gifts from over 250 Lutheridge staff alumni (and other friends).  The alumni campaign was co-chaired Bill and Sherry Mims along with David Troutman.  Representatives from each decade assisted as leaders:

·       50’s – Bill and Jane Mitcham

·       60’s – John Boyd

·       70’s – Emmett Wicker

·       80’s – Martha Williams

·       90’s – Chandler Carriker

·       00’s – Drew Yoos

Heritage Campaign Director, the Rev. Jan Setzler had this to say on May 2 about the efforts of Lutheridge staff alumni to raise funds for the new swimming pool, “This effort we celebrate today began with a brain-storming session back in 2010.  Bill and Sherry Mims and David Troutman identified leaders in each staff era and this resulted in 30 volunteers who were trained for the campaign.  Volunteers made visits to peers seeking gifts, phone calls were made to those further away and information was mailed to others.  Everyone, from the oldest among the alumni to the youngest, gave generously as God gave them opportunity.  Their God-blessed efforts before us today are truly amazing!”

The new pool is located on the lower campus adjacent to Bischoff Lodge.  It features a water slide and several water elements. 

The Heritage Campaign exceeded the $2 million goal to raise funds for upgrades at Lutheridge including installing a new HVAC system in Thornburg Hall and remodeling the guest rooms, remodeling Lineberger (dining) Hall and adding a storage room, remodeling the apartments in Mission Hall and resurfacing the gatehouse section of the entrance road.  A tithe of Heritage Campaign proceeds also went to land acquisition at Lutheranch.  An additional $2 million was also committed to the campaign in planned gifts.  The final project will be to install the new Tent Village that will be completed in time for summer camp 2016.  Setzler concluded his remarks by stating, “It was a delight for me to lead the Heritage Campaign.  I was inspired at the hundreds of friends who stepped forward to make gifts.  These improvements position Lutheridge to very effectively serve and meet the needs of a new generation in this new century.”

Donors to the Heritage Campaign were thanked at a reception on Saturday morning, May 2 and a dinner on Friday night that was led by Setzler and NovusWay executive director, Keith Johnson.  Those present on Saturday afternoon enjoyed a BBQ cookout at Lake Lewthorne and swimming in the new pool as well as the pool dedication that was led by Pastors Tim and Mary Canniff-Kuhn.  A complete list of all those who contributed to the Heritage Campaign will be listed in a campaign report that will be published this summer.

While the Heritage Campaign is complete, gifts can still be given to remodel Pioneer B cabins, along with planned gifts, that will enable Lutheridge to serve into the future.  Contact Jan Setzler at or 864-942-2974 if you if you would like to make a gift.