Lutheridge Power Line Update


To:           Pastors and Friends of Lutheridge

From:     Keith Johnson, Executive Director

Date:     August 12, 2015

As I informed you two weeks ago, Lutheridge faces a serious threat from an electric transmission line running through the site.   Your help is urgently needed to help divert Duke Energy from routing the transmission line through the site.  Many congregational councils have already passed resolutions of opposition and members have been going on the Duke Energy website to voice concern.  Since Duke Energy extended the public comment deadline to August 31, there is still time for you and your congregation to help.

Following is an update on the situation. 

Duke Energy is seeking to run an electric transmission line from Campobello, SC to the Lake Julian power plant in south Asheville.  Three possible routes have been identified, with Lutheridge in the path of the easternmost route.  The line would enter the site near the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Airport Road, pass by Whisnant Chapel and the outdoor worship area by the chapel (where many crematory remains are scattered), run through the site and exit over the gatehouse or between the gatehouse and Trinity View.  The transmission lines are supported by 100’ steel towers and a 150’ easement is cleared.  It goes without saying this would severely and negatively impact the site and do irreparable harm to the ministry.

You and your congregation can help in three ways:    

1.     Please have your congregational council pass a resolution that opposes the route through Lutheridge (Route 17B-17C) and return it to and copy Please also send your resolution to all of the people/locations listed below the sample resolution. See a sample resolution below. Please be sure to personalize the resolution.  State if the congregation or members use Duke Energy.  Identify ways that Lutheridge has been influential in the life of the members and your congregation over the years. 

2.     Personally voice your concern and encourage congregational members to voice their concern by going to the Duke website at  You can view the potential route (17B-17C) and there is a means for public comment.  Here are the steps to follow:

·       Scroll down and click on Interactive Map;

·       Click on “Enter”;

·       Click on “Submit a Comment”;

·       Register – you will need to give your name and create a user name and password;

·       Login – using your newly creted username and password; and

·       Select a location for Comment – 2511 Hendersonville Road, Arden, NC 28704.

·       Complete the questionnaire and type your comments in the text box provided.

3.     Please lead your congregation in praying diligently that the electric transmission line is diverted away from Lutheridge.  We all understand the line is needed in Duke’s quest to move away from coal to natural gas power plants and there is a growing need for cleaner power in western North Carolina.  However, running the line through Lutheridge would severely and negatively impact the site and do irreparable harm to the ministry.

I will keep you informed of developments and share additional information as it becomes available.  Thank you for your partnership as we seek to preserve the integrity and mission of NovusWay and Lutheridge “Providing places set apart to inspire and empower all in Christ’s love.” 







WHEREAS: Camp Lutheridge understands and respects the desire of Duke Energy to move from coal to gas at its Lake Julian plant to safely and more efficiently transfer power as is needed for residential and economic growth in the surrounding areas.


WHEREAS: Camp Lutheridge is a Christian camp and retreat center in Arden, NC.

Natural and naturalized areas and open green space are a crucial part of its outdoor activities and programs on a year-round basis and represent the largest tract of such land (172 acres) in Arden, NC.


WHEREAS: Camp Lutheridge is designated as a Caring for Creation Center by the North Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), in concert with its Social Statement on Caring for Creation, providing a place to train leaders to be better stewards of God’s creation and promoting environmental ethics and values.


WHEREAS: Close canopied oak hardwood forest would be severely damaged by the proposed power line, which would also compromise a spring-fed intermittent stream and hinder a population of 1,000 southern brown bats that use the entire area for feeding.


WHEREAS: Over 69 years, Camp Lutheridge has been providing summer camp for youth in grades 1-12;  annual year-round programs for over 15,000 youth and adults of all faiths from across the country;  regular programs for mentally delayed and handicapped individuals;  and weeklong outdoor environmental education courses for public and private schools, in concert with the NC educational curriculum.


WHEREAS: Over forty million dollars have been spent acquiring land and building a camp infrastructure consisting of an outdoor chapel, cabins, residence halls, adult housing, dining room, a large multi-purpose gathering center, outdoor worship spaces, water recreation areas, and other support facilities.


WHEREAS: a new swimming pool and play area were just completed in 2015 at a cost of over $635,000 and will be negatively impacted if it is in the proposed path of the electric transmission line.


WHEREAS: There have not been studies to demonstrate unequivocally the connections of electromagnetic fields and disease, but there is credible evidence of negative effects and the electric transmission line could run near or directly over the new swimming pool and the largest recreation field where thousands of children play.


WHEREAS: Whisnant Chapel, an active congregational and ministry worship center where marriages are regularly conducted along with an Outdoor Chapel area, which is the crematory sacred grounds of dozens of people, is near or directly in the path of the proposed electric transmission lines and towers.


WHEREAS:  Six acres of Camp Lutheridge houses Trinity View, 100 residential apartments and 20 assisted living apartments for senior citizens, and the facility is within the 1000 foot proposed corridor.


WHEREAS: Construction of an electric transmission line by Duke Energy through Camp Lutheridge would negatively impact the visual and scenic beauty, ecological integrity of ecosystems and animal and plant species; would negatively affect outdoor environmental and religious program activities;  would seriously discourage parents from allowing children to attend the camp;  and would cause irreversible and permanent harm to the ministry.


NOW BE IT RESOLVED: That ______________________ Lutheran Church, being a prudent Christian steward and supporter of Camp Lutheridge and its ministries, requests that Duke Energy find an alternate route for its electric transmission line OUTSIDE OF THE LUTHERIDGE CAMPUS AREA. This Resolution was approved by unanimous vote on August ___, 2015.  


Electric Transmission Line Contact List

To Voice Your Comments/Concerns/Resolutions

Regarding Duke Energy Foothills Project



Note:  We have been advised by legal counsel that copying the following list of individuals is just as important as responding to Duke Energy at the email address provided:       


1.    Lynn J. Good, President and C.E.O./Vice Chair of the Board

Paul R. Newton, State President – NC

Duke Energy Progress

P.O. Box 1771

Raleigh, NC 27602                         Phone:  888-238-0373 or 704-382-2355


2.    Governor Pat McCrory

North Carolina Office of the Governor

20301 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-0301              Phone:  919-814-2000


3.    Senator Tom Apodaca

1504 Fifth Avenue West                 Email:

Hendersonville, NC 28739                        Phone:  828-696-0574


4.    State House of Representatives

Rep. Chuck McGrady

304 Legislative Office Bldg.           Email:

Raleigh, NC 27603-5925              Phone:  919-733-5956


5.    North Carolina Utilities Commission

4325 Mail Service Center               Email:

Raleigh, NC 27699-4300              Phone:  866-380-9816 or 919-733-7328


6.    U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Mark Meadows

Henderson County Court House

200 North Grove Street, Suite 90

Hendersonville, NC 28792                        Phone:  202-225-6401


7.    Buncombe County Commissioners

David Gantt – Chairman

82 Church Street                             Email:

Asheville, NC 28801                       Phone:  828-252-2852


Thank you for your constant help and support of this ministry!