Luther Springs Alumni Reunion


                                            June 23, 2015

Dear Staff,


This year we celebrate 25 years of Luther Springs Camp and Retreat Center Ministry and a 25-year Staff Reunion on August 14-16, 2015!


The first site director, Rev. Carl Kelly, had three college age staff staying in tents, with no infrastructure like electricity, using bottled water, cooking on a Coleman stove and driving to the local gas station for ice!    Oh, not to forget two nice porta-pottys!!!  Wild pigs ran through the campsite many nights during the four program weeks!!  We have all experienced challenging times from 1991 to present days!!


THIS NOTE IS A SPECIAL INVITATION TO HAVE YOUR PRESENCE AT ANY OR ALL OF THE 3 DAY WEEKEND, AUGUST 14-16- We will enjoy special staff times at Friday & Saturday night campfire devotions, worship on Sunday morning and lots of sharing time (the full schedule and a flyer is attached).   We need your input so we can include visuals in a Powerpoint historical presentation for Saturday night!  Email some favorite stories and /or pictures to Kara Beck at


You all have been the foundation for people of all ages to have Luther Springs as a place and program to strengthen their faith journey. Your presence for the REUNION is an important supportive action step as we move on into the future. 


EnjoyLuther Springs for the Day: Free will offering and does not require pre-registration.

Meal and Lodging Options:

RV/Tent Camping: $10/person or $20/family each night.

Overnight accommodations in Morgan Village Cabins: $20/person or $40/family each night .

Overnight accommodations in Kuehner Center motel style rooms: $30/person or $50/family.


You can register online at; Our Programs, Adult, Luther Springs or


Luther Springs has grown to five cabins and 18 double occupancy rooms, but with the 25th anniversary also happening, it is sure to fill up fast.  Register soon!I look forward to meeting you there to celebrate with fun activities and lots of smiles/hugs!!


Pastor Bob

Ps.  There will be a bag of Cheetos for each staff participant!!